Bite-Sized Beats: “Lost” Linkin Park song fails to find itself

“It was so fun to hear where we were at – what we were about, why people were showing up in the first place.”

This is what Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda told Fader about the recently unearthed track “Lost.” Released on February 10, the nu-metal group released the song ahead of the 20th anniversary release of their sophomore album Meteora. A bittersweet release, “Lost” paints a dim picture of the darkest part of late frontman Chester Bennington’s mind. However, the decision to create parts of the music video with artificial intelligence has tarnished the band and Bennington’s legacy.

The production is reminiscent to something off their 2007 album Minutes to Midnight, despite being a lost track from 2003’s Meteora. It’s sleek, but not totally divorced from heavier tracks including the iconic “Numb.” Interestingly enough, “Numb” actually beat out “Lost” for a spot on the album.

“I remember that we did get to the point where we almost put ‘Lost’ on Meteora,” Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda “We realized that tonally, it was the same kind of emotion and energy as ‘Numb,’ and ‘Numb’ was arguably a better song. We liked it better at the time.”

I agree entirely with Shinoda. While it’s certainly not a bad song by any means, it does feel redundant when lined up against the rest of Meteora‘s track list, especially “Numb.” While it’s as well-performed and constructed as any Linkin Park song, it lacks the punch that helped “Numb” make such a lasting impact. Shinoda’s minimal presence adds a lot, providing haunting harmonies to Bennington’s unmistakable and inimitable tenor.

As expected, the lyrics cut deep, once again detailing the loneliness and isolation that can come with trauma. The tragic loss of Bennington in 2017 lends a particularly haunted feel to the track, especially with the repeated refrain, “I tried to keep this pain inside, but I will never be alright” at the end. That being said, as wonderful as it was to hear a new song with Bennington’s vocals on it, “Lost” loses its footing without ever really finding it again.

The 20th anniversary edition of Meteora is currently available for pre-order on Linkin Parks’ official website. It will be released on CD, vinyl and all streaming services on April 7.

Check out the full music video for “Lost” below!

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