Tomorrow X Together unveils first teaser for "Thursday's Child"

By: Penny Rae Hawkins

Thursday’s Child hasn’t got much further to go. 

On April 14, the official Tomorrow X Together posted a teaser for their upcoming EP Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. While only clocking in at 23 seconds, the anticipated follow-up to The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape already has the fandom buzzing. The clip racked up over one million views, 115 thousand retweets, 160 thousand likes and nearly ten thousand comments on Twitter in the first three hours after it was posted to the BIG HIT MUSIC official Twitter. Additionally, Twitter user @txtgenleaders noticed the music used in the trailer was identical to the clip used in Yeonjun’s Minisode 1: Blue Hour teaser.

However, this release is already proving to be far different from their first Minisode. Between shattering glass, a red and black color palette and a prophetic outro to their performance at the 2021 Melon Music Awards, this comeback seems to promise something much darker than the group has ever done before. According to Famlii, the phrase “Thursday’s child has far to go” comes from the nursery rhyme “Monday’s Child” and is often interpreted one of two ways. 

“The traditional meaning is associated with Thursday children having a long, successful life without limitations,” an anonymous author wrote. “Thursday’s child is sometimes associated with children having special needs or setbacks in life. This concept of ‘far to go’ implies that children have obstacles to overcome.” 

Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child will be released May 9 at 6:00pm KST (5:00am EST) and is currently available for pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music. Watch the full teaser below!

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