"Funeral Grey" by Waterparks is anything but bleak

Photo Credit: @waterparks on Twitter

Waterparks fans do not worry, the constant cryptic social media posts by Awsten Knight were finally put to an end, at least for now, because ‘Funeral Grey’ is finally here. This highly anticipated track finally graced our ears on May 13, accompanied by a music video. And let me say, this track did not disappoint. 

This upbeat track goes full force with high energy from the start. This track tells the story of meeting a girl that immediately catches your attention and is one who is not to be messed with, because she can hold her own and is not just going to fall for anyone. She leaves an impression for sure and cannot leave Awsten’s mind.

From start to finish, this song holds your attention and screams Waterparks. It has a catchy dance beat that drives the entire song. The guitar and drum line open the song and are consistent throughout the track. It is upbeat, dancy and not overdone. Every instrument balances perfectly in the song and no instrument overpowers the other and it does not overpower Knight’s vocals. However, it does not fall to the wayside either. It shines when it needs to and balances into the background when needed to. It will have you tapping your foot and dancing in your car, kitchen or shower every time you listen. 

The instrumental build in the song is subtle and is not overly noticeable. However, if you listen closely, you can hear the slight change in volume, dynamics and power in the chorus. You can hear a change in the drums and guitar. It is just ever so slight, but it adds another layer to the song and effectiveness of the lyrics. Then at the end of the song, some parts drop and it becomes mostly vocals with some electronic effects and it is done just right. It is done quickly and only for a few moments, but it makes the end of the song just as good as the start.

Now, onto the lyrics. Just like many Waterparks tracks, this song tells a story and paints a picture.. Nothing is sugar coated or left up to interpretation in Waterparks songs, and this song is no different. Awsten Knight writes what he is feeling and experiencing and it is made clear in every song that is released. He opens with “11 p.m. she walked in with her friends ,” so the listener is dropped into an exact scene that they can picture. Then from there it bounces back and forth from what Awsten is feeling and thinking about, to his interactions with this mystery girl.

In the first verse, Knight sings, “and I said, ‘what’s your favorite color?’/ she pointed at her waist/ and I said ‘that’s not a color, it’s a shade/ she said don’t disagree with me”. He later sings in the chorus, “she wore a sweater in summer weather, yeah/ she wore a sweater, it was funeral grey”. Which provides insight into the name of the track. This mystery girl was wearing a funeral grey sweater in the summer. Once again straightforward, not much up for interpretation. It catches his attention. The whole outfit is contradictory to what you would expect someone to wear in the summer. She is not wearing a bright colored tank top or dress. She is wearing a somber color in a warm sweater, which you expect in the winter. This adds onto how this girl catches his attention and is the opposite of what he expected. She is different and does not wear, do or say what you expect and/or want her to. 

This song also provides a line that will probably go down in history as one of the most iconic Waterparks lyrics. In the second verse, Knight sings, “she rolled her eyes, and then she said/ “I know your dying wish is to be baptized in my spit”. If you do not remember anything else from this track, you will at least remember that line. It is a line that was teased in clips that were posted prior to the release of the track and it has remained a popular line. It will for sure be screamed the loudest every time this song is played live. 

The music video also brings the song to life. So, if you have not watched the video for the song yet, go do it. The video features the band being surrounded by many women in what we can infer is funeral grey sweaters that cover their face from the nose down. We also see performance scenes of the band through a fisheye style lens. The video also features several scenes that feature Awsten being controlled by someone else. For example, a scene where he is wrapped up in string, with his arms stretched out like he is puppet. The song and video also makes it seem like red will be the color for this new era of Waterparks, with Awsten Knight debuting red hair on social media and in the video.

So Parx fans, get all your red clothes and accessories out for this new era. Just like the girl in the song, this song will not leave your mind. 

They also announced that they have signed to the record label Fueled By Ramen on May 10.
You can check out the track on all music streaming platforms and watch the video on Youtube. You can also find the band online @/waterparks on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find Awsten Knight on TikTok @/awstenmaseatiktokalright. 

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