Rolling Quartz Ready to Rock with Debut Album

It’s the moment Diadem have all been waiting for. 

Korean rock band Rolling Quartz is gearing up to release their debut album Fighting on February 8. The track list includes studio versions of previously-released demos of “Holler” and “Delight,” as well as the live tracks “Rock and Roll Paradise” and “Higher.” Rounding out the track list is brand new song “Azalea,” a song with a title as beautiful as the ladies themselves. 

According to the band’s YouTube page, fighting is an interjection “used to convey encouragement, incitement, or support.” The phrase is typically pronounced “hwaiting” or “paiting” in Korean, but maintains a powerful title for a first release even without the cultural context. 

Commemorating the release of the album, Rolling Quartz will be making an appearance at the Feast of Pleasure! 2022 Kyung-Rock Jeol. The online festival will be hosted on the Crying Nut YouTube channel. The event will begin streaming at 6:00pm KST on February 9 and go on until February 11. 

The five piece rock outfit debuted on December 30, 2020 with the single “Blaze.” The aggressively defiant track introduced singer Jayoung, lead guitarist Iree, rhythm guitarist Hyunjung, bassist Arem and drummer Youngeun to the growing Korean rock scene. As of the publishing of this article, the music video for “Blaze” has amassed nearly one million views on YouTube. 

With only three days remaining, anticipation continues to build for the group’s first mini album. I see no reason why they shouldn’t live up to the hype.

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