Established in 2022, The In-Crowd is your new favorite place for entertainment news and shenanigans. Originally a Blogger website called Pop Punk Daebak, editor-in-chief Penny Rae Hawkins moved platforms and created The In-Crowd to expand the kind of stories told and who can tell them.

Ultimately, the goal of The In-Crowd is to become a regularly updated source of entertainment news that crosses genres and media and, one day, a physical zine that can be independently distributed.

What is a “hooligan?”

If you follow our socials, you’ve undoubtedly noticed many of the posts include #hooligans…why?

At the beginning of Penny Rae’s radio show Making Waves! in 2018, they wanted to find a gender-neutral term to address listeners with. After looking up synonyms for “punk,” as the radio show originally only featured punk and alternative music, “hooligan” just clicked. After founding The In-Crowd, Penny Rae decided to use the same name for readers of the zine.

The common definition of “hooligan” across multiple dictionaries usually boils down to “a violent person who engages in rowdy or violent behavior.” Much like the word “punk,” it has historically been used to devalue young people. Our aim is to associate it with a thoughtful and critical – but no less devoted – fan culture.

The Dream Team

Penny Rae Hawkins: Founder, editor-in-chief and creative director

Alicia Kobasic: Music manager, contributing writer and live event wizard

Leesa “gattaleem” Gatton: Graphic designer, contributing writer

Jonathan Knoell: Head of photography

Emylee Lent: Web designer