“My god, I love it!” K-pop girl group songs to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is just one of three holidays celebrating relationships. On February 14, it’s customary for women to give gifts to their male partners. In that spirit, here are ten songs from female K-pop artists to get you in the spirit.

  1. “What is Love?” Twice

Kicking off this list is the song that made me fall in love with this group. “How could it be as sweet as candy? How is it like flying in the sky?” The nine members of Twice want to know, so they explore different films including La La Land, The Princess Diaries, Romeo + Juliet and and Ghost, among others, to try and figure it out! My favorite part? They take this journey without the help of any male actors, which could add a sapphic or friendship element depending on the viewer. Many young girls across the globe learn about romance from music, literature or films, and Twice tell that story perfectly with this bubbly and adorable track.

2. “After School” Weeekly

When I say this song is addictive, I mean it. A love song about hanging out with your friends after school ends, the seven members of Weeekly (including former member Shin Jiyoon) ride skateboards and enjoy the fleeting moments that come with being young and in love. It just so happens that, sometimes, your first love is one you find with your friends. If you’re spending today with your besties, put this song on blast and tag them in your social media posts. You won’t want to forget the looks on your faces.

“We melt into each other, you feel like another me rather than a friend/I’m flying on my shaking heart..”

3. “Hype Boy” NewJeans

Rookie girl group and overnight sensation NewJeans took the world by storm with this song last year. For a while, it seemed like everyone was covering this song, including one viral video where the members of boy groups ONF and SF9 covered this in their military fatigues, and for good reason. With its bouncy yet simple production and lyrics like “you’re my chemical hype boy,” it would have been a crime for this song not to hit. The NewJeans girls aren’t “just looking for some fun,” they want something real and long-lasting. Could you be their hype boy?

“I just want you, call my phone right now
I just wanna hear, ‘You’re mine

4. “Senorita” (G)-IDLE

Not to be confused with the VAV song of the same name, “Senorita” is a Latin-flavored song of seduction. What else is there to do if a the girls of (G)-IDLE (including former member Soojin) can’t stop exchanging steamy glances handsome young man? The tension is palpable throughout the songs, including lyrics like “a bit different, a little naughtier” and “you don’t need to know my name,” this is not a love that’s meant to last. However, it could be a damn good time for all parties involved. Subtle yet sexy, this classic (G)-IDLE track won’t leave you wanting more.

“I fell in love with you, I don’t know if it is true”

5. “Heart Attack” Chuu

An absolute banger if there ever was one, former LOONA member Chuu brought her all to this funky track about confessing your feelings. It’s as stressful as it is exciting, Chuu perfectly captures the hurricane of emotions that come with your first serious crush. Complete with sweet vocals, energetic production and a key change for the final chorus, “Heart Attack” is an especially adorable gift to girls who love girls. Add this to your next playlist if you want to smile for the rest of today.

“Even my hidden secrets that only I knew, that mood that i wanted to tell you all about…”

6. “Bicycle” Chungha

A spicier pick for this list, Chungha isn’t as coy as the previous entry by (G)-IDLE. She makes it very clear what she wants and how she likes it, and she’s going to get it. As confident as she is sexy, “Bicycle” is a fantastic song to get you ready for a steamier night in.

“Filthy gazes, don’t mind them; Act crazy and step on it, let’s go on a ride…”

7. “Dreams Come True” aespa

A cover of the classic SES track, aespa gives it a modern spin with their stunning vocals and otherwordly visuals. With a modern trap-heavy beat and their trademark attitude, these girls exude the joy that comes with your crush liking you back.

I’ll be happy to be with you, no more sad songs…”

8. “Loco” Itzy

Sometimes, falling in love can feel like you’re going crazy. The five girls of Itzy know this and put those feelings into words over an appropriately manic beat. Get ready to have this song hits stuck in your head every time you think of that special someone who just drives you up the wall.

“To put it simply, I feel like I was born to love ya…”

9. “Love Dive” IVE

Pun intended, IVE dove headfirst into their first comeback “Love Dive.” Equal parts sassy and smitten, the breakout group expresses the frustration and fun of playing hard to get. Whether it’s a game of cat and mouse or a staring contest, the girls aren’t ready give up or blink first. It may be “so good it’s bad,” but the song is just all-around good.

This is enough, a chasing game; Can’t stand this attraction and curiosity…”

10. “Gee” Girls Generation

Closing this list is a K-pop classic from the legends themselves, Girls Generation. An early track in their catalogue, “Gee” is a girlish look at your first crush. Almost childlike in its giddiness, Girls Generation perfectly captures that feeling in bright pink bubblegum. A throwback in more ways than one, revisit this track and get swept up in those feelings. Bonus points to the music video for including a pre-debut cameo from SHINee’s Minho!

“My beating heart it just thuds and thuds, I can’t even sleep…”

Whether you’re spending today with your friends, planning a romantic date with your partner or pining from afar, K-pop girl groups have got you covered. Which one best fits your Valentine’s Day?

Stream all of these songs on The In-Crowd Spotify playlist below!

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