Louis Tomlinson shows growth and finds his sound on Faith In The Future

Louis Tomlinson is back with his second solo album, Faith In The Future, the is a follow-up to his 2020 album, Walls. That album was on the top of my list of top albums of 2020, and I was eager to see what Tomlinson would release as a follow-up. Needless to say this album did not disappoint. From start to finish this album has a cohesive sound, beautiful lyric storytelling and is full of moments that listeners can connect with.

While Faith In The Future sounds different sonically than Walls, this album sounds more mature and evolved. It sounds as if Tomlinson found his sound, groove and his sweet spot. The album has an alternative rock sound, mixed with some pop elements that create the unique Louis Tomlinson sound that does not fit into one singular category.

Songs like “The Greatest” and “Out Of My System” have heavier drums and roaring rock guitars. Others like “Written All Over Your Face” and “Headline” have a more jazzy, laid back sound while still having a touch of those alternative rock moments.

These songs are contrasted with acoustic moments spread out from the beginning to the end. “Saturdays” is an emotional track about reminiscing about moments with a past partner without those memories break him. The closing moment “That’s The Way Love Goes” is a simple track about how your past partner has moved on. It is a moment of reflection and realization. It has an orchestral section that takes us to the end of the moment. Even the simple acoustic songs have bigger moments, like bringing in strings instruments or more choir-like vocals like on the track “Common People.” The extra effects are what bring the album up a notch.

Lyrically this album heavily touches on problems and ultimately the end of the relationship. Tomlinson writes about situations in relationships that many listeners can relate. “Written All Over Your Face” is a sassy song about fighting with your partner and knowing they are upset and angry. You know by the way they are looking at you and you want to just move past it and get back to the way things were.

The track “Chicago” addresses missing a relationship and how it had a big impact on you. You would like that person and would be there for that person in any way. This song has simple straightforward lyrics but the orchestral bridge and overall large instrumental atmosphere created in the song makes this a standout track. “Holding On To Heartache” talks about holding onto the pain after a breakup and not wanting to accept that the relationship has ended. All the beauty in the world is passing him by and he is not living in the moment.

The track “Angels Fly” has groovy drums and a belting bridge. The lyrics on this song talk about trying to save a relationship and going back to that person to be there for them in any way you can be. Tomlinson knows his partner is in pain and does not like that they are apart and he wants to try and fix things. His storytelling abilities are what make the album stand out in my opinion. He paints a clear picture of every situation in each song, and puts the listener there with him. Tomlinson touches on personal situations, allowing for the songs to feel personal while also making them applicable to the listener.

Tomlinson has his moments where the vocals are the main attraction. For example, his vocals on the chorus of “Bigger Than Me” let out the emotion, belting it out and bringing the song to life. On tracks like “She is Beauty We are World Class,” he lets his vocals take a step back. It is a softer, lighter vocal that lets the instrumental and electronic effects shine through. He allows his voice to have some edge on the more groovy tracks to add to the vibe of the song.

Overall, Faith In The Future is an album that is full of reflection and heartbreak that still looks forward to the future and what is to come. From start to finish, this album holds your attention and will bring you back for more listens. The growth from Walls to Faith In The Future shows that Tomlinson can continue to grow and develop as an artist.

Faith In The Future was released on November 11 and is available on all streaming platforms. Louis Tomlinson is also heading out on the Faith In The Future World tour next year. Information can be found on his website

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