Le Sserafim cannot be broken in first comeback teaser

Do you think Le Sserafim are fragile?

On October 14, K-pop rookies Le Sserafim put out the first teaser for their upcoming comeback ANTIFRAGILE. The teaser shows a large meteor heading straight for Earth as people are panicking and attempting to flee the impending disaster.

Meanwhile, the girls of Le Sserafim are showing no fear. Kazhua is stretching on a rooftop and Yunjin appears to be tuning a guitar, while Sakura seems to be nonchalantly shopping for clothes. The most interesting displays of nonchalance come from leader Chaewon and maknae Eunchae. The former skips merrily in the opposite direction of the fleeing public while the latter stands still and smiles at the sky.

The teaser ends with a shot of the meteor from outer space and a small taste of the title track, which seems to have tropical production and Le Sserafim’s trademark confidence displayed in their debut.

This came four days after the release of the album’s official highlight medley, which features snippets of the five tracks of the album.

ANTIFRAGILE by Le Sserafim will be available to stream and purchase on October 17, but is currently available for pre-order. Watch the full teaser below!

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