(G)-IDLE welcome you to their glamorous and sensual “Nxde” show

A “wild, wicked and wonderful show” is promised in (G)-IDLE’s latest comeback teaser.

The first frame of the video shows a curvaceous, rubber hose-style pin-up girl introducing the (G)-IDLE girls as “loves, ladies and lusty legends” before cutting to Soyeon. Dressed as a flapper, the group’s leader sits at a piano and sings the thesis of the upcoming title track “Nxde.”

“Why you think that ’bout nude?” Soyeon asked. “‘Cause your view’s so rude. Think outside the box, then you’ll like it.”

As she sings, a kaleidoscope of the rest of the group dressed as flappers plays before cutting to a wide shot of the theater and going to black.

While the girls aren’t likely to actually bare it all like the opening card promised, fans are certainly in for a treat with this comeback.

(G)-IDLE’s fifth mini-album I Love will be available to stream on October 17, and physical copies will become available to purchase on October 18. Three versions of the album – Born, Act and X-File – is currently available for pre-order.

Watch the full teaser below!

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