Bite Sized Beats: Pierce the Veil return from six-year hiatus with “Pass the Nirvana”

With a six-year break following their album Misadventures, curiosity and anticipation were high for what Pierce the Veil would bring on their first release back. The song is a bit harder, louder and more intense in sound. For those who enjoy that side of Pierce the Veil, this will be the track for you. 

“Pass the Nirvana” is definitely a track that satisfies that curiosity and proves that the anticipation was warranted. While this track is definitely different from the sound of Misadventures, it still sounds like Pierce the Veil, but elevated. From the second the song starts it has your attention, starting heavy with the guitars and drums. It has a more vibey guitar line that will get heads nodding along. It adds in some more rock drums and the listener is hooked.

The rest of the song stays heavy, but dynamic: it is steady and then it explodes. The verses feature a more vibey, groovy sound with some chill, pulled back guitar. These instrumentals slowly build with the vocals into the chorus. As the vocals rise in intensity and volume, so do the guitars and drums, but the chorus is where the fans of heavier Pierce the Veil will be happy. Vic Fuentes utilizes his screaming vocals to capture your entire while still managing to blend with the heavy rocking electric guitar and intense drums. The heads will be banging when listening to the chorus.  All the elements blend well together to not overwhelm the listener, while still capturing the heavy sound and breakdown fans will love. 

The song abruptly cuts off after the second chorus, making the listener think that the song is over. However, Vic comes back in quietly with some instrumentals and builds right back into a huge bridge and big screaming ending. 

Vic Fuentes vocals shine in not only the screaming, but the verses as well where it is more dialed back. His voice sets the vibe of the song. He uses a good variety in vocal techniques. He has the moments of more melodic vocals, then choppier vocals in the pre chorus and his screaming vocals in the chorus. The dynamic vocals add to the song and make it an even more interesting song to the ear. 

The lyrics in the song paint a picture of trying to escape the messed-up world, containing lines like “We can hear you loud and clear/ Suicide season is upon and high,” and “I set fires ablaze inside/ And stepped into the light to blind you” in the bridge. Vic follows this with “I can’t hear you”, repeated four times at the end of the song. These lyrics and more paint a picture of a world that is not pretty and how there needs to be an escape from the horrors. 

Overall, “Pass the Nirvana”, demonstrates that Pierce the Veil are back on the scene and still have it. This song will satisfy those who have been anxiously waiting for their return. The dynamics vocally and instrumentally, mixed with the lyrics work together for a great comeback hit that will be on repeat.


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