Lucy brings fans back to “Childhood” with first full-length album

When people think of a dog barking in America, it is portrayed as a “WOOFWOOF” sound. In Korea it is more of a “WALWAL,” which just so happens to be the fandom name of Korean band Lucy. Named after a dog that the members used to play with near their practice rooms, Lucy is a group made up from participants of the survival show JTCB Superband and consists of four members who each play a different role in the band. From drums to vocals and even a violinist, Lucy provides a sound that is unique and refreshing to hear.

The group debuted in May 2020 with the single album Dear and their title track “Flowering,” a song that utilized the strings of the violin and touched on the hardships and growth one goes through in life. After two years the group has finally came out with their first full album Childhood, a 15 song album that brushes on subjects including looking at others from a child’s point of view, reminiscing on the easy and fun life a child may go through from and adult’s point of view and finding the person that brings them light in a place that may seem dark.

Listening to this album gave a sense of nostalgia and comfort through their use of instruments one may use as a kid in school to the fun and upbeat colors some of the songs portray. Childhood starts off with the upbeat song “Knowhow,” which goes through the experience of looking at someone with a childlike POV no matter what others may think in that moment. With lyrics like “The words I spit out are just children in people’s eyes” and “I love myself more than putting you in a different color;” this song definitely brings a comfort of knowing while others may look at people more negatively, there are still people that have that childlike hope and optimism on a day to day basis no matter what others may think of them.

“Play,” the title track from the album, is a song that portrays an adult reminiscing on the easy and fun life they once had as a child. From not understanding the rules of the world quite yet to running around and just having fun, this song has a beautiful color and tone to portray something that may seem like a hard hitting topic. In the beginning of the song they take you through the life of a worn out adult portrayed by the lyrics,”I can’t remember the look of my last days/ like an afterimage of a fading out dream/ the thought that’s rushing into my head/ is bothering and pushing me.” Although these lyrics may seem a bit sad within the pre-chorus and chorus, you will find some lyrics like “Although the sky is getting heavy/ I used to play like I’m flying in the sky” and “The first person to leave at work is the tagger/ Please tell me to meet and play again.” Along with the bubbly and fun beat, those can find themselves immersed in the beauty and fun life of a child. At the end of the song there is a sense that throughout the person’s reminiscing, they were able to find some of that childlike hope back through the words “I’ll find back our days that we left/ Please make a smile like a day we used to play.”) Overall this song brings a nostalgic feel and fun vibe that’ll bring people to their feet to dance around like a child.

The album ends with the song “You are my light” which beautifully takes people through finding someone who pulls them out of a dark space and helps them see the beauty of the world around them. The beginning of the song paints a picture in peoples heads through the words: (“You painted my black and white world with beautiful colors/ With a lot of various colors that reminds me of your song/ That’s the reason I sing.”) This song is not as upbeat and bubbly as the previous songs mentioned. However, it holds a strong impact in one’s mind. The tone and colors of this song truly bring out the black in white that people face on a day to day basis. That black and white being the blurred world everyone knows from seeing the same thing everyday. However, it also brings out the beauty and vibrant colors that one may see. The beauty being what the world has to offer everyday though we may not see it right away. Like the flowers in bloom, or just how blue the sky is. This song truly paints a picture in peoples head and has definitely given WalWals goosebumps.

This whole album took the title Childhood and ran with it. Through the words, rhythms and fun yet serious topics, people can vividly look back at a time where they too also had this childlike mindset and comfort. If people are having a bad day or feeling worn out this album can give a sense of hope and optimism. Lucy continues to bring out the good in bad times and that is something that Walwals have come to appreciate throughout the years.

Lucy have brought so much comfort and strength to their fans and Childhood is no acception. There is so much more in store for them and this is just the start.


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