Bite-Sized Beats: Arrows in Action have their “Head In The Clouds” on new single

Arrows in Action leave negative energy behind and stay high. 

Arrows in Action have released “Head In The Clouds” off of their upcoming album Built To Last due out May 26. This upbeat song is one that will be on repeat for the sunny day drives ahead. This upbeat and groovy track will have you dancing, nodding your head and singing along in no time. 

The lyrics on this song discuss the struggle of working hard, wondering about success and feeling like you are stuck in a repetitive circle. However, you can abandon that mindset and choose to live in the moment. The chorus sings, “I’m just gonna stay high, I/Think I’m gonna be alright/Every day a little more alive/With all that I leave behind,” which speaks to leaving the negativity behind and believing that everything will work out. It finishes with the chorus: “I got everything I need now/Think I’m done looking down/Got my head In the clouds.”

Behind the lyrics is an instrumental that brings a feeling of warmth and hope that things will be okay. A nice clapping beat mixes with acoustic guitars to create a sound that will have you out of your seat and feeling you are up in the clouds. Throw in a touch of electric guitar that leads into the almost-a cappella at the end and you will be left feeling light and ready to take on the world by the closing of the song. It feels airy and is not overdone with lots of layers and added effects. The acoustic guitar is what brings the overall vibe of the song to life. It has the summer, feel good feeling to it that you cannot help but smile listening to it. “Head in the Clouds” shows that sometimes keeping it simple with a catchy chorus and toned back instrumentals is all you need. 

This track is different from the others the group has released from the album thus far. It shows the group’s ability to change it up, but still stay true to who they are as a group. It still sounds like Arrows In Action, but their positive, groovy, upbeat side. 

“Head In The Clouds” was released on April 14 and can be streamed on all major streaming services. You can preorder Arrows In Action debut album Built To Last on their website.

Check out the music video below!

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