Bite-Sized Beats: Waterparks goes “REAL SUPER DARK” on new track

Waterparks have dropped another track from their upcoming album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The new track “REAL SUPER DARK” is high energy, in your face and showcases what Waterparks does best. It is packed with electronic effects, soaring guitars and driving drums to have you drawn in from the first note.

It opens with a bang with electronic effects that grab your attention and a recording of someone saying, “Let me speak to your manager.” Then, this track is on the move. Awsten Knight comes in hard with “Oh you mean Benji?” and he is on roll, opening with screaming, in your face vocals. 

This track has you wrapped in from start to finish. From the different vocal effects to driving drums, repetitive electronic effects and rough, loud vocals, this track will keep you listening to catch every little detail. Knight utilizes his rougher, louder vocals on this track especially during the chorus. The chorus opens with him screaming “everyone is freaking me out” and continues this same intense vocal for most of the chorus. It’s contrasted with moments of fast-paced lyrics and vocals on verses and also moments of quiet, but still have a slight edge on other verses. The track takes you on a journey through the mind of Knight, getting a look into his inner thoughts. With lines like “it gets real super dark around the edge of my heart,” “I’m alienated/way overrated” and “everybody’s proud of me/but when they try and tell me/volumes muted like they’re sound asleep.” It is giving a peek into what his life and mind are like in the spotlight. 

“REAL SUPER DARK” is chock full of awesome and unique electronic effects, layering added in effects like Knight saying, “Otto I’m sorry, stop!” and other little moments you can catch if you listen closely. It is full of dynamics: it is loud and in your face, then backs down and is back up again in a second. However, the drums and guitar are still strong and hold their own. Lead guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood are shining, just like on every Waterparks track. 

Wood holds down this chorus with the strong, repetitive drum line and Wigington’s guitar line keeps the song moving and has its moments when it shines. While Waterparks are known to add in extra effects when they can to create unique sounds on their tracks, strong instrumentals are the base of the track and the other elements just make it even better. 

“REAL SUPER DARK” packs a lot in just over two minutes. It will have you coming back for more listens to make sure you caught everything and will for sure be one to blast while driving or to just jam in your room. 

Waterparks’ fifth studio album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is due out on April 14 from Fueled By Ramen. It can be pre-saved on all major music streaming platforms.

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