Tomorrow X Together tempt fans with limited time hotline ahead of album release

Tomorrow X Together just made MOA’s phone lines a lot sweeter.

On January 20, Tomorrow X Together launched the Sugar Line, a hotline specially for fans in preparation for their upcoming album The Name Chapter: Temptation. In the introductory video posted to the TXT OFFICIAL account, they remind MOA of the upcoming album before encouraging them to “follow instructions” to access “personal messages” the group recorded for the hotline.

The opening message, presented by the entire group, promises hints about the upcoming album before instructing the caller to press a number corresponding to each members’ individual messages: 1 for Soobin, 2 for Yeonjun, 3 for Beomgyu, 4 for Taehyun and 5 for Hueningkai. Each message provides more information about the upcoming album, including themes and the whistle hook from title track “Sugar Rush Ride.”

The track was released on January 19

“This album talks about how you are seduced by the sweetness of instant gratification,” Soobin said in his recording. “Our first track, ‘Devil By the Window,’ demonstrates how vulnerable we are to temptation.”

Yeonjun used his message to promote the title track “Sugar Rush Ride.”

“Every track sounds awesome, but especially our title track ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ is full of temptation,” he said. “Look forward to it.”

Beomgyu spoke briefly about “Happy Fools,” the third track on the album and a collaboration with Coi Leray. He specifically spoke about Tomorrow X Together’s contributions to the song.

“All the members participated in this track just for you, MOA,” he said.

Coi Leray shows love for Tomorrow X Together ahead of their collaboration.

Taehyun used his time to talk about the fourth track, “Tinnitus (Wanna Be a Rock),” which he co-wrote.

“I participated in the process of writing the lyrics for this song [sic],” Taehyun said. “Look forward to our album.”

Hueningkai not only expressed gratitude for fans’ patience, but promoted “Farewell, Neverland” in addition to the title track. More than that, he

“Thanks for waiting for us,” he said. “This is a concept album, so hear all tracks in order to understand the full story.”

Tomorrow X Together released a concept trailer for the album on December 2, 2022.

At the end of each message, the selected member encourages the caller to listen to the other messages or press 0 to pre-save the album and opt in to receive text messages and updates from the band.

The release of the Sugar Line directly follows the announcement of their upcoming tour ACT: SWEET MIRAGE, set to kick off in Seoul on March 25 and 26.

Earlier this month, Tomorrow X Together released four batches of concept photos: Daydream, Nightmare, Farewell and Lullaby.

With a bold direction and less than a week left before the album’s release, Tomorrow X Together are aiming straight for the second star to the right. Fans will soon find out if it will take them straight on til morning.

The Name Chapter: Temptation is scheduled to release on January 27. It’s currently available to pre-save and pre-order on all major platforms and wherever K-pop albums are sold.

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