First look at del Toro’s Pinocchio promises action, creativity and heart

You know its going to be a good movie when the trailer itself is a tearjerker.

Visionary director Guillermo del Toro has brought to life many fantastical tales for all audiences. Mature audiences can enjoy film such as the Academy Award winning Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth, while the whole family can enjoy his Troll Hunters series. His vast body of work promises quality, heart, and imaginative, emotional storytelling and Pinocchio seems to be no exception.

Opening the trailer is Pinocchio’s mustached cricket conscience, voiced by Ewan McGregor, who looks and acts nothing like Jiminy from the Disney version and rightly so. It becomes quickly apparent little is taken from the Disney version in favor of having a new take on the classic tale. The friendly insect all but directly states with a wink and a nod that this is not the Disney version, and we don’t actually know the real story.

From this first trailer, its made quite clear that audiences can expect a phenomenal story filled with heart. Viewers will follow Pinocchio as he explores ostracism, fame, complex emotional ties, learning how to be good and how to tell who has your best interests at heart. Some may be shocked that Pinocchio’s nose literally branches out as opposed to growing out as a wooden cylinder, but that originality only adds to the film’s creative spirit.

The characters are quickly and effectively established without giving too much away about the new plot: Pinocchio is the little boy with the “borrowed soul,” his grieving creator who is also his father figure, the sleazy sideshow fox offering fame and fortune and a blue-light emitting sphinx that offers the truth about mortality to little Pinocchio (“you never know how much time you have with someone until they’re gone”).

Filled with lines that are simultaneously gut-wrenching and quotable, del Toro’s dark take on Carlo Collodi’s classic tale is definitely a film to get ready for. Prepare many boxes of tissues, because they’ll probably be needed.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio comes out in some theaters and on Netflix on December 9, 2022. Check out the full trailer below!

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