YouTube star Daniel Howell brings levity and humor to a doomed world

Youtube veteran Daniel Howell is back on the road for his End of the World Tour. Howell took the stage at the Agora Theater in Cleveland, OH on November 2 with his new stage show, “We’re All Doomed.”

Those who are familiar with Howell’s work will know he is no stranger to talking about the issues that keep us up at night. He touches on existential crises, mental health, and talk about how the world is doomed. While over the years his content has shifted away from Youtube, that same dark humor with a touch of hope remains.

The show touched on topics relating to social media, technology, climate, politics, mental health and more. While normally serious topics make you question everything, Howell talks about them in a way you cannot help but laugh at. From tiktok to avoiding social interactions, Howell touches on topics that everyone in the audience can relate to and has laid in bed thought about at least once.

The environment of the show is a judgment free zone. Whether you are a new fan of Daniel Howell or have been watching him from his start over a decade ago, you will be welcomed and have a wonderful time. It is a show where you can talk to the person sitting next to you, and you may leave with a new friend.

“We’re All Doomed” lives up to its name. While the show did not permit any pictures or videos of the show to prevent material from getting out, what was touched upon culminated in a conclusion that we may be doomed, but we will be okay.

Daniel Howell is currently on tour across the United States and is scheduled to bring the show to Australia next year. Tickets can be purchased on Daniel Howell’s website.

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