Palaye Royale leave it all on stage at the Fever Dream World Tour

Nothing will stop Palaye Royale from putting on the best show they can every night. 

On September 29, Palaye Royale took the stage at Kemba Live in Columbus, OH in support of their upcoming album Fever Dream due for release on October 28. While they had to overcome one obstacle after another this tour, they were not going to let their fans, the Soldiers of the Royal Court, down.

In return, the Soldiers were going to give all the love support back to the band that they love.

Walking into the venue, you can feel the love, energy and support from the crowd. Looking around you can see fans talking as they wait in the long line for merchandise. From shirts to their own makeup palettes,, a graphic novel, bags, jewelry and more, this band has no shortage of items to choose from. Narrowing down what you want is always a difficult challenge for these fans. The pit is beginning to fill as everyone scopes out their perfect spot for the concert. Those who managed to snag a spot at the barricade held their spot, wanting to be as close as they could to the band they love. As COVID caused many cancellations and rescheduling of tours of their 2020 album The Bastards, finally seeing Palaye Royale at a headline show will be a moment to remember. 


To get the crowd going, Starbenders, carolesdaughter and MOD SUN opened the night. Each act had their own unique sound and performance. As each went on, you could feel excitement growing, people were getting antsy and ready for Palaye to take the stage and were getting into concert mode. The pit was still quite small for Starbenders, but those who were there were rocking out. The group was high energy, had a great sound and got the night started out on the right note. carolesdaughter interacted with crowd and had people singing along with a variety of songs, giving those who were unfamiliar a taste of their sound and maybe even gaining new fans. 

MOD SUN definitely had the most recognition of the openers. Members of the crowd even had his merch on. So, from the moment he started with KARMA, it was energy. He used the whole stage, the crowd was singing along at the top of their lungs, clapping and swaying their hands. He opened up about the story behind his song “Battle Scars”, allowing for the audience to connect with him and the song.

Now, it was time for the main part of the night: Palaye Royale. The stage was set with their iconic light up name and flowers filled the front of the stage. As the lights went out, the crowd started chanting “Sebastian,” the lead guitarist, and got louder and louder as the band began to fill the stage. When the first note of the opener, “Nightmares”, everyone went crazy. Phones were out moment the show began, snapping pictures and taking videos, while others just took in the moment. Everyone sang along at the top of their lungs and just let loose. 

The moment we all were waiting for

Lead singer Remington Leith came out and moved around the entire stage. He rocked a black suit jacket (taking off later in the show to the crowd’s delight) and matching pants. He was jumping, dancing, moving from one stage to the other, giving emotion and life to the songs. Not one inch of the stage was not covered by him. He even hopped into the area between the stage and the crowd, crawled along the floor, hopped onto the barricade and leaned into the crowd and sang into the embrace of those lucky fans. At one point, he got guitarist Andrew Martin up on his shoulders. Never standing still, singing with emotion and power, you could feel every story told. 

Touring guitarist Andrew Martin

The band performed songs from across all their albums, including songs off of their upcoming album. Classics like “Mr. Doctor Man” and “You’ll Be Fine”, fan favorite “Dying in a Hot Tub” and of course the title track for the new album “Fever Dream”. That song is a musical masterpiece. He has so many levels and details that were brought to life while hearing it live. Every song went just as hard as the one before it. The setlist pleased everyone from old fans to new fans, including songs the fans loved for years and new favorites. It represented the band and how much they have grown over the years.

While they had tweeted that Leith had strep throat and the band had IV drips given to them at the hotel the day prior, Leith wearing a blue bandage on his arm as evidence, you would have not known. They gave their all. Sebastian Danzig rocked the guitar and looked fantastic in one of his classic suits, Emerson Barrett killed the drums and Leith’s vocals were killer. They demonstrated how much they cared for their fans and love what they do.

They closed the night with “Lonely” from The Bastards. If you are familiar with Leith, he likes to climb things, hang off lights, balconies and more. During the encore he ran to the upper level of the venue, climbed over the railing and sang part of the song from there: a classic Remington Leith moment. 

Leith gets up close and personal with his loyal Soldiers

The band hinted at how hard this tour has been from illness, to their tour manager quitting and the tour buses breaking down. However, they expressed how that was not going to stop them from putting on the best show that they can. The crowd was also going to give their all right back to the band that means the world to them. Looking at them, you can see the effect their music has on their fans. The Fever Dream World Tour did not disappoint.

Palaye Royale left it all on stage. The Soldiers of the Royal Council brought the energy needed to the band they adore and let go, surely ready to be exhausted and to have no voice the next day. The songs were brought to life, every instrument, every note, every lyric was full of energy and love of their craft.

Drummer Emerson Barrett

Tickets for upcoming Palaye Royale tour dates can be found on their website.  Fever Dream will be available on all streaming platforms on October 28. You can preorder and presave now.

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