(G)-IDLE strip down for mature “I love” teasers

The lovely members of (G)-IDLE shocked and delighted fans with teasers for their latest comeback I love and title track “Nxde.”

On September 29, the (G)-IDLE official Twitter released an initial image showing the members holding each other close with bare shoulders and sporting various shades of blonde hair. Additionally, they released a twelve second sketch film confirming the stripped down concept, posing and sending the camera sultry glances as they dropped their coverings to the floor.

Solo images of (G)-IDLE were posted on September 30, showing them in powerful yet seductive poses. While Minnie, Miyeon and Yuqi’s teasers are gorgeous closeups, the entire group is stunning in black lingerie. See the full photos below!

(G)-IDLE’s fifth mini-album I love is available for pre-order here. It is set to release online October 17 and offline October 18, but the full comeback schedule can be viewed below.

Who’s your (G)-IDLE bias? What are you most excited for with this comeback? Tell us in the comments below!

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