Bite Sized Beats: New Year’s Day’s new single “Hurts Like Hell” and loves every minute

New Year’s Day makes toxic habits fun again with their new single “Hurts Like Hell.”

The band announced their return in the most NYD way possible: a new music video where the band boasts half-red/half-black ski masks, armed with crowbars and baseball bats and scored by a jingle of clanking chains and a wicked giggle. Surrounded by fire, destruction, and eventually turning into the thing they hate to love, it’s a powerful message they are sending to the world: they are back, stronger than ever and never messing around.

Ash Costello is as fabulous as she is dangerous, her signature half-red and half-black Harley Quinn-inspired hair fresh and her stance imposing yet inviting like a demonic siren. Singing into a microphone wrapped in chains, and eventually being wrapped in chains herself, she sings about a situation that she knows she shouldn’t enjoy being in but just can’t help herself. Likening it to an addiction she can’t shake and acknowledging it might make her “damaged” or “fucked up”, she enjoys the emotional pain of the relationship too much to leave. Accompanied by a heavy yet-danceable beat and rocking guitars, “Hurts Like Hell” is as fun as it is heavy, and the comeback that half-heads have been dying to see. Put simply, the best way to describe the song is that it just rocks.

Listen to the song now on Apple Music and Spotify and catch the music video here.

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